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Mary Theresa Poole is a name synonymous with grace, success, and a life well-lived. Best known as the wife of Robert Smith, the iconic frontman of The Cure, Mary’s journey is a tapestry of love, accomplishment, and resilience. Born on October 3, 1958, in England, Mary’s story unfolds against the backdrop of her enduring connection to one of the music industry’s most influential figures. As we delve into her life, we’ll explore her early days, her education at St. Wilfrid Comprehensive School, and the profound friendship that would blossom into a lifelong romance with Robert Smith.

Robert Smith’s Wife (Marry Poole) Wiki & Bio

Full NameMary Theresa Poole.
Nick NameMary.
Date of BirthOctober 3, 1958.
Birth PlaceEngland.
Age65 years.
Zodiac SignLibra.
ProfessionModel and Nurse.
Famous ForBeing Wife of Robert Smith (Famous Singer).
Height5 Feet 6 Inches.
Eye ColorBrown.
Hair ColorBlack.
Marital StatusMarried.
Marriage DateAugust 13, 1988.
HusbandRobert Smith.

Early Life and Education

Mary’s journey begins with the backdrop of England, where she spent her formative years. Her early connection with Robert Smith was forged at St. Wilfrid Comprehensive School, a setting that would later become the starting point for a profound friendship. The seeds of their bond were sown in the school’s halls, laying the foundation for a relationship that transcended time and challenges. Little did they know that their camaraderie at St. Wilfrid’s would evolve into a love story that would capture the hearts of fans worldwide. The education they received at this institution not only shaped their intellectual pursuits but also fostered the deep connection that would define their shared journey.

Relationship with Robert Smith

The story of Mary Theresa Poole and Robert Smith is a tale of friendship blossoming into love. Their initial connection at St. Wilfrid Comprehensive School paved the way for a bond that, though initially rooted in friendship, soon blossomed into something more profound. Rumors of Robert harboring feelings for Mary circulated, and, despite initial hesitations, he eventually mustered the courage to express his love. What ensued was a love story that would endure for decades.

On the auspicious day of August 13, 1988, Mary and Robert exchanged vows, marking the beginning of their marital journey. The setting of their union remains a cherished memory, as the couple celebrated their love in a ceremony that reflected the authenticity and simplicity that defined their relationship. The union of Mary Theresa Poole and Robert Smith became not just a personal milestone but a symbol of enduring love within the public eye.

Decision Not to Have Children

A unique aspect of Mary and Robert’s journey is their deliberate decision not to have children. In an interview, Robert Smith candidly shared that he felt he wasn’t ready or responsible enough to bring a child into the world. This choice, though unconventional, reflects a thoughtful consideration of their capacities and a commitment to prioritize their individual and shared pursuits. Over the 34 years of their marriage, this decision has become a cornerstone of their life together, with both partners aligning on the choice to forgo parenthood. The public response to this decision has been met with understanding, as fans and well-wishers respect the couple’s autonomy in shaping their family life.

Mary Theresa Poole’s Career

Before becoming a celebrated figure as Robert Smith’s wife, Mary Theresa Poole pursued a career that showcased her diverse talents. Beginning as a model, she graced the fashion world with her presence. However, her true calling led her to transition from modeling to nursing. This career shift reflected her deep-seated desire to contribute meaningfully to society. As a nurse, Mary dedicated herself to the care of disabled children and others in need, showcasing not only her compassionate nature but also her physical strength in a demanding profession. Throughout her journey, she stood steadfastly by Robert’s side, offering unwavering support during his musical endeavors.

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Family and Personal Life

While details about Mary Theresa Poole’s family background are limited, her personal life with Robert Smith has been a testament to enduring love and companionship. Their union, devoid of the typical family expansions, has been a source of inspiration for many. The couple, residing mostly away from the public eye, has shared their joys and faced challenges together. While specific public appearances are scarce, their love story has been the focal point of attention, highlighting a life built on mutual respect, understanding, and shared passions.

Robert Smith and The Cure

In the annals of music history, Robert Smith’s contribution is immense, especially through his role as the lead singer and creative force behind The Cure. The band, formed in 1976, became a pioneering force in the post-punk and new-wave music scenes. Mary Theresa Poole, a constant presence at musical events, became a pillar of support for Robert during the band’s highs and lows. Her role in supporting his musical journey adds a layer of depth to their relationship, showcasing a partnership that extends beyond personal domains into the realms of creative expression and shared aspirations. The Cure’s continued success is not just a testament to Robert’s musical genius but also a reflection of the unwavering support he receives from Mary.

Mary Theresa Poole’s Net Worth

Beyond her role as Robert Smith’s wife, Mary Theresa Poole has carved her path and achieved financial independence. With a net worth of $30 million, she stands as a successful individual in her own right. This impressive net worth is a result of her years of dedication as a nurse and her earlier pursuits as a model. Mary’s financial success not only underscores her professional achievements but also adds a layer of financial stability to her and Robert’s shared life.

Physical Attributes and Age

Mary Theresa Poole, at the age of 65, defies the conventional expectations associated with aging. Standing at 5 feet 6 inches, she maintains a level of fitness and well-being that is commendable. Her physical attributes, including her black hair and brown eyes, add to her timeless elegance. Despite the passage of time, Mary remains a symbol of grace and health, embodying the idea that age is but a number when coupled with a commitment to one’s well-being.

Social Media Presence

In a world dominated by digital connectivity, Mary Theresa Poole’s decision to abstain from social media is a deliberate choice that aligns with her desire for privacy. This intentional distance from the online realm has contributed to the preservation of a more intimate and personal sphere for Mary and Robert. The impact on her public image is one of authenticity, as her life is not filtered through the lens of social media, allowing fans to appreciate her as she truly is – a woman of substance, passion, and purpose.

Interesting Facts

  • Model Turned Nurse: Mary Theresa Poole’s transition from a successful modeling career to nursing reflects her commitment to making a meaningful impact on the lives of others.
  • Three Decades of Marriage: The enduring love story of Mary and Robert has spanned over three decades, a rarity in the world of celebrity relationships.
  • No Children by Choice: The couple’s decision not to have children has been a conscious choice, rooted in Robert’s acknowledgment of his perceived lack of readiness for parenthood.
  • Supporting The Cure: Mary’s presence at musical events of The Cure is a testament to her unwavering support for Robert Smith’s musical journey.
  • $30 Million Net Worth: Mary Theresa Poole’s financial success as a nurse and model has resulted in a substantial net worth of $30 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mary Poole have any kids?

No, Mary Theresa Poole and Robert Smith have chosen not to have children throughout their 34 years of marriage.

How old was Robert Smith when he met his wife?

Robert Smith was 14 years old when he first met Mary Theresa Poole at St. Wilfrid Comprehensive School.

Are Mary Poole and Robert Smith still together?

Yes, Mary Poole and Robert Smith have been together for over three decades, showcasing a love that has endured the test of time.

What is the net worth of Mary Poole?

Mary Poole’s net worth stands at an impressive $30 million, accumulated through her successful career as a nurse and former model.


In the tapestry of celebrity love stories, the narrative of Mary Theresa Poole and Robert Smith stands out for its authenticity, longevity, and shared commitment to personal and professional pursuits. Mary’s journey from a model to a nurse, coupled with her role as the supportive partner to an iconic musician, showcases a life lived with purpose and passion. The decision not to have children, the financial success she achieved independently, and the enduring love between Mary and Robert paint a portrait of a couple who has navigated life on their terms. As Mary Theresa Poole continues to inspire with her grace and resilience, her story remains a testament to the power of enduring love and the beauty of forging one’s unique path in the world.

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